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The Course Creators Workbook

Do you want to create an online digital course but have absolutely no idea where to start and find the whole thing overwhelming?

Look no further.

The Course Creators Workbook has been created to help you successfully create your online digital course.

Planning your course is an important step as it will help your students to understand your course so they can complete it in the easiest and fastest way possible. This 96-page workbook has been designed to walk you through each step so you can be confident that what you create will deliver results.

This workbook has been designed to help you:

  • Decide your perfect course topic

  • Outline your course curriculum

  • Plan your course content

  • Create your course material

  • Styling your course to perfection

  • Sell your course

  • and so much more!


This workbook is ideal for entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses who want to venture out into the world of online digital course creation.

No one ever said course creation is easy but with the right mindset and tools, you'll surely make your online course sell like hotcakes in no time!

What People Are Saying:

If you are creating a course and don’t know where to start, the Course Creators Workbook is perfect for you. It guides you through all the stages, from deciding your course topic to selling your course. It is clear, simple, and takes you through the process step by step. There is plenty of room to record your own thoughts and ideas. I couldn’t have done without the workbook while creating my course.

Lisa Unger, Nutritionist